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om saravanabava ring

om saravanabava ring

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The Sacred Antique Finished Om Saravanabava Ring - Embrace Divine Blessings!

Get ready to experience the divine blessings of Lord Murughan with our Antique Finished Om Saravanabava Ring, crafted with utmost care from 92.5 sterling silver. This ring holds a profound spiritual significance, connecting you with the greatness of Lord Murughan.

A Path to Prosperity: Each syllable in the Om Sri Sarahanabhavaya Namaha chant brings unique blessings - wealth, education, salvation, victory over enemies, good health, and protection against time's challenges.

A Revelation in Nature: The name "Saravanabhavan" refers to Lord Murughan's appearance in a reed-covered bog, a revelation of divinity in the midst of nature's beauty.

Embracing the Auspicious Light: The chant "Sa... Ra... Va... Na... Pawan..." signifies auspiciousness, the gift of light, purity, the victory in war, and the risen spirit - all attributes that resonate with Lord Murughan.

Eternal Satisfaction and Soulful Liberation: The profound meaning of saravanabava

Sa (garam) ... true ra (karam) ... dematerialization A (V) (Karam) ... eternal satisfaction Na (karam) ... Nirvidayam P (karam) ... absolution V (karam) ... the nature of soul.

Divine Prayers in Verses: The chant encompasses divine prayers and praises, invoking the essence of Lord Murughan's divine presence.

A Timeless Treasure: This Antique Finished Om Saravanabava Ring carries an antique charm, making it a timeless treasure that holds spiritual significance beyond any fashion.

Embrace Spiritual Connection: Wearing this ring, you'll feel a profound connection with Lord Murughan, experiencing his blessings and protection throughout your journey.

A Thoughtful Gift: Looking for a meaningful gift for a loved one or a devoted follower of Lord Murughan? The Antique Finished Om Saravanabava Ring is a heartfelt choice, symbolizing divine blessings and spiritual guidance.

Crafted with Love: Our skilled artisans have poured their hearts into creating each ring, ensuring it holds the spiritual significance and artistic brilliance befitting a sacred piece.

Embrace the Blessings: Get your Antique Finished Om Saravanabava Ring now and embrace the blessings it embodies. Experience the divine presence of Lord Murughan, offering you prosperity, protection, and spiritual elevation. Let this sacred ring be a source of strength and guidance, guiding you on a path of divine abundance.

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